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Our accounts are outsourced, all payment issues/enquires are dealt with our accounts associate:

Fees are calculated over 11 months and set annually, the standing orders are issued at the end of term. Your monthly standing order/childcare voucher must be arranged to start on or before the 1st of each month. First payment is 1st August- last payment 1st June. (to be cancelled annually)

Childcare Vouchers

We accept a range of childcare vouchers from many other companies including Computershare, Kiddi Voucher, RG Childcare and Fideliti –

Get Tax-Free Childcare:

The care inspectorate registration numbers are indicated on the bottom of your bill, please use for reference purposes when registering with your child care voucher provider.

Any queries please email –

Debt Policy

It is the duty of each Parent / Carer to pay the fees owing.
If anyone is having difficulty meeting the fees we ask you to contact the Manager.
Failure to pay the standing order amount results in:-
Notification by letter after first month non payment.
Second month of non payment withdrawal of place if debt is not paid immediately debt handed over to collecting agency on our behalf.

This ensures that debt cannot mount up to an amount that cannot be met. If debt has been highlighted under this category we would incorporate an initial administration charge £25 and then £5 weekly thereafter.

Any parent withdrawing placement with fees outstanding or dubiety will not be approved, to re- submit any application for a further placement.

If you incur the £25 charge late fee 3 times in an academic year we will terminate your child care contract.