Pick-up – where will Time-Out Club staff meet my child/ren when collecting them from school?

We have allocated meeting points within all the schools we collect from for the children to meet us. At your settle in visit, the supervisor will confirm with you and your child/ren where the meeting point is within your child/ren school.

School finishes early – will Time-Out collect my child/ren?

Yes, when school finishes early at the end of term we will collect your child/ren when the school finishing time is – we will clarify this time with the schools.

My child wants to attend an after school activity until 4pm will Time-Out Club be able to collect my child at that time?

Due to staffing levels, we are unable to collect your hild/ren other than school finishing time of 3pm.

What should I do if I am running late to collect my child/ren?

Contact your child/ren project as soon as possible to inform the staff team you are running late. If you can arrange someone else to collect your child/ren then please let the staff team know who will be collecting your child/ren. We would never leave your child/ren alone after 6pm; two members of staff will remain with your child/ren until they are collected. However, our rental agreement with East Dunbartonshire Council dictates we vacate the premises by 5.55pm.

For this reason, we may have to take your child/ren outside the building to wait for you to collect them. We do have a late charge of the first 15 minutes will be £15.00 and £1 per minute thereafter. Lateness is monitored and if you are charged, three times your place at TOC will be in jeopardy. Please help us be ensuring that your child/children are picked up by 5.55pm.

My child/ren are not attending Time-Out Club today – what should I do?  

Please contact us on either your child’s project phone number or on our main office 0141-563-9573 number before 2.30pm to notify us that your child/ren will be absent. We have a 24 hour answer phone so please feel free to leave a message as we will then note your child/ren absent in our diary and inform your child/ren project of their absence.

If my child/ren has medication, what should I do?

If your child requires any medication whilst attending Time-Out Club, you will be required as per care inspectorate regulations to fill in the appropriate medication form. For further information please discuss with the supervisor at your settle in visit.

What should I do if it is bad weather and my child/ren attend breakfast club?

Always phone your child/ren project before you set out in the morning to make sure you speak to a member of our team who will confirm as to whether we will be opening or not. Our aim will be to ensure that no parent is without care for his or her child – that is within our control. If we do have to close due to adverse weather, we shall notify the parents accordingly.  Please note if the schools close due to the weather Time-Out Club will also close.

I wish to cancel my place with Time-Out Club – what should I do?

We require one months’ notice in writing when cancelling any places you can either write to us via email

Can my child/ren do their homework whilst at Time-Out Club?

Within the play setting, we encourage children to free play and join in with a variety of activities. We do however enable the children if they wish to do their homework – all projects have a homework area.

My child has a musical instrument will they be able to play it whilst attending Time-Out Club?

In the best interested of expensive equipment/instruments getting damaged or broken, we ask all children not to play with their musical instruments whilst at Time-Out Club.

How can Time-Out Club ensure they care for my child/ren? 

We have many processes in place to ensure we make sure your children are cared for within our setting. We maintain within staff/child ratios at all times, our staff are professional and trained in first aid, child protection and elementary food hygiene. We have a code of conduct which supports both the children and staff whilst at Time-Out Club and through our quality assurance processes, we ensure we evaluate our service on a regular basis. (a copy of the code of conduct and our quality assurance process can be found in the parent/carer handbook)

I still want my child/ren to attend other days but I have been told I am on a waiting list – how does this work?

If you have been offered a place and have been told you are on the waiting list for a day you have requested you will be contacted again when the waiting list is reviewed. Our waiting list review months are October, December and April.

My child already attends Time-out Club however; I have another child that is starting school in the next couple of years, what should I do?

Please ask your play setting supervisor or visit our website www.time-outclub.co.uk for a child application form (they can be found in the download section of the website) as there is no limit to the years as to when we accept child application forms. However, a child’s place can never be guaranteed regardless of length on the waiting list until a review of the waiting list has taken place at the time your child will be starting.  

Can my child/ren bring their own toys to Time-Out Club?  

In the best interested of children’s toys getting damaged, broken or stolen we ask all children not to play with their own toys whilst at Time-Out Club. For primary seven’s we do have a ‘bring your own toy policy’ which may be discussed with your child and yourself when in primary seven.

What snack will my child/ren get when they are at Time-Out Club?  

We do not permit children to bring in any personal individual foods/ drinks during term time, unless with prior approval from the manager. Our light snacks will be a variety of healthy and nutritious food and where appropriate be low in fat, low sugar, low salt etc. Children who do not like the snack that day will be offered a healthy alternative; if it becomes a continuing problem, staff will informally inform the parent. Cool water, will be made available at all times.

Any individual dietary requirements or allergies/intolerances will be discussed with the parent and child when starting TOC and added to our dietary requirement sheet.

My child/ren have a nut allergy – is Time-Out Club a nut free zone?

Yes, we are a nut free zone and we ask all parents/carers to be mindful of this – if your child/ren does have a nut product we will ask them not to eat it and discuss with you when you come to collect.

Why do all children need to have gym shoes?

Children are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes or socks in the gym.  Therefor we ask you to please to bring in gym shoes for your child/ren to wear, especially when winter is approaching as your children can change their school shoes if they are wet. Slipper socks with grips/Gym shoes/trainers are all acceptable.     

My child is in primary one will Time-Out Club staff hold their hand when crossing roads?

We will ensure your child/ren are safe and if need be we will hold their hand when crossing the roads – we will promote road safety through talking with the child when crossing the roads and will encourage your child to be road safe whilst in our care.

Will Time-Out Club staff help my child/ren at the toilet?  

Staff at Time out club assumes all children that attend out of school care are fully toilet prepared for school. Therefore, if there are any issues parents/carers are mindful that staff are not trained or qualified in dealing with continual toilet mishaps. If you child has any such issues please be aware this affects our staff ratios and can be an obstruction to our daily job remit.  If your child has difficulties please alert staff prior to starting TOC. If your child has additional support needs this needs to be put in to their personal plan.

What qualification do Time-Out Club Staff have?

The majority of our staff have qualifications in a range of childcare qualifications, ranging from SVQ 2, 3 and 4 in play work to a BA Childhood Practice. Please ask at your settle in visit to see our staff profile folder to help you get to know our staff team better.

What training do Time-Out Club staff receive?  

All staff receive full induction lasting 4-6 weeks and are paired with one of our staff ‘buddies’ who help new staff settle in. We have in-house training every month as well as a rolling programme for training in first aid, food hygiene and child protection.

What are staff buddies?

We have one staff buddy per play setting who work with new staff in helping them settle in at Time-Out Club.  Our staff buddies have received training in best practice ways to ensure that our new staff members are fully trained in our policies and procedures. Continual training with the buddies takes place on a regular basis with the management team to refresh on knowledge, development and understanding of the buddy role.

What are ad hoc places?  

During term time; if you require an additional place for your child/ren on different days or times than originally allocated, we have an ad-hoc system (please note places are limited) Forms are available either on the parent station or on downloads section: http://www.time-outclub.co.uk

How do I know when Time-Out Club is opened/closed?

We are closed for two weeks at Christmas and two weeks during the summer holiday – along with bank holidays. For full details on this, please ask the project supervisor to highlight where the poster is displayed within your child/ren project.

I have not received my bill yet – what should I do?

The project supervisor or staff team will be unable to help you with any bill quires or adjustment that maybe required as we outsource all our accounts. Therefore, please email any bill queries to – payments@time-outclub.co.uk or contact the main office on 0141-563-9573.

How do I set up my standing order?

When you receive your bill, you will be issued with a standing order mandate please hand in this to your bank to be set up for the 14th of every month. Your bill runs from Aug – June – we require no July payment.

I want to pay my bill using childcare vouchers – what should I do?

We accept a range of childcare vouchers from many other companies including Computershare, Kiddi Voucher, RG Childcare and Fideliti – additional information is available on our website.

If my child/ren are absent from Time-Out Club – do I still need to pay?

Full fees will still be payable if your child is absent.

Do I get a refund In the event the TOC is forced to close for a time, due to unforeseen circumstances?

Fees/ costs are non-refundable.

I wish to book my child/ren in for full day care in the school holiday what should I do?

We have all our full day booking forms on our website (in the download section) as well as available at your child/ren project (please ask a member of staff to show you if you are unsure). All holiday booking forms must be submitted by a certain date – (there after an administration fee is added to the booking – places are also limited after the deadline date). For all deadline dates please ask a member of staff to highlight these dates to you.