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Applications for breakfast club and after school will be dealt with as follows:

Places are allocated based on the following:

The length of time on the waiting list and priority is given to Siblings.

Our Waiting list reviews will be ongoing throughout year.

On receipt of the online enrolment form,  we will send you a confirmation email.

We will then get in touch (within a two week period), informing you that we have placed your application on the appropriate waiting list.

When we are able to offer a place we will contact you via email/post and ask for confirmation of acceptance of the place. Prior to your child/ren starting we will arrange a visit for you and your child/ren to meet our staff at the the play setting they will be attending. During this visit, the start date will be confirmed with the supervisor and any further settling in period if the parents/carer, staff feel it is necessary.

(Please note that we require to meet you and your child/ren prior to them attending breakfast club/afterschool/holiday club).