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Easter 2022 Programme week 1

Easter 2022 Programme week 2


Holiday Club is presently held at our Milngavie playsetting. Milngavie contact number is 07976 294474. We open at 8am and close at 5.55pm. In order to secure a place please ensure your holiday booking form is received before the deadline date. Please complete all details on the booking form for processing purposes.

We welcome all children from all our settings, including school age children that do not normally attend Time-Out Club.
We have a varied full day programme that includes many activities for all children to enjoy, indoor and outdoor play and days out. Once you have booked you will receive acknowledgement of the booking after the noted deadline date. A paper copy of the programme will be posted on the settings notice boards. All payments will be processed after the deadline date – unless otherwise stated.

Once we have confirmed your booking you will be issued with a reference number this will be required at all times when your child is being collected.

For Holiday club we ask you to provide your child with a packed lunch together with morning and afternoon snack, we will provide breakfast. Please no nut products. For morning outings please ensure your child is in before 9am.