We meet your child at the designated areas within their school, we then escort them to the play setting. We provide a light healthy daily snack,  we always offer fresh fruit and vegetables.

Children are given the option to participate in group activities. These activities have been planned together with their group leaders and the children, to include a well-balanced variety of play opportunities, whilst supporting and encouraging them to learn and develop new skills.

We encourage free play, physical play and outdoor play, staff members keep up with current trends and legislation we have a rolling programme of Promoting Healthy Lifestyles through Physical Play encompassing the developmental stages of each individual child.

We have children’s plan to be completed by you and your child, this enables valuable information to be passed on about your child’s likes and dislikes. We work in partnership with our parents, carers and families and value their input and involvement. We organise children’s council in playsetting, this enables the children to work with the staff in the running and organisation of their playsetting.