Timetable for the year

May: 7th, 25th & 28th May 2018 Time-Out Club closed
Summer: 2nd-13th July 2018 (Inclusive) Time-Out Club closed
September: 21st & 24th Sept 2018 Time-Out Club closed
October: 15th-19th Oct 2018 Time-Out Club closed
December-January: 24th -4th Jan 2019 Time-Out Club closed
February midterm 11th & 12th Feb 2019 Time-Out Club closed
Easter: 19th & 22nd April 2019 Time-Out Club closed
Applications & reviews Reviewed Dec Renewed January
Waiting list reviews & places offered April, August, December, Annually
Childrens parties June, Oct Halloween Dec Xmas
Open days and welcome afternoons May Per term, Friday afternoons
AGM & Board meetings Nov Second last Monday of month
Standing orders cancel and set –up Set up Aug 14th Cancel June 14th
Survey dates April. July, sept (new parents) Nov focus on care.
And After all full day care for satisfaction feedback